Benefits of IGS Genetic Evaluation

by Kate Giess          |                   

During the 2021 National Cattlemen Beef Association convention (NCBA) hosted in Nashville, Tennessee, August 10-12, beef industry professionals gathered for a panel discussion covering the topic of – “Why IGS?” International Genetic Solutions (IGS) is the largest multi-breed genetic evaluation tool in beef cattle in the world to date, made up of 20 breeds and partner organizations and over 20 million cattle records. You might be asking, “what is the product of this collaboration?” The answer is directly comparable across breeds to expected progeny differences (EPD).

The mindset behind this type of genetic evaluation compared to a single breed elevation is the more steam (data) added, the more powerful the engine (IGS) can run. Today’s American cattlemen either believe in a purebred approach or harnessing the power of crossbreeding. Is there such a thing as a right or wrong train to be on? Depending on the goals of one’s operation, they can hop on whichever “train” best suits them.

The panel discussion, led by Chip Kemp of IGS, tapped into the knowledge of three renowned professionals in the beef industry: Dr. Bob Weaber, of Kansas State University (KSU) and the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF); Tom Brink, chief executive officer of the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA); and Marty Ropp, founder, and executive officer of Allied Genetic Resources (AGR).

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